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Why Google+ is good for your company

by Tim Read on Feb.28, 2014, under Business, Marketing, Social


You can control who sees your content by dividing up your followers into groups called Circles. This is different from Facebook and Twitter and allows you to finely control how your content is seen, providing tailored content and a unique online experience for your clients. In this way you can offer new products, specific services and relevant updates to them.


Hangouts allow Google users to have private video conferences with a selected list of people. These can be for tutorials, demos and Q & A sessions for your clients, as well as for business meetings, planning  and so on within your company / organisation.

Search Integration

Google+ is at the centre of the merge of social networking and search. So Google is integrating Google+ into more of its features, from social annotations to its search results to a hashtag and search facility within Google+.  Having good relevant  content in Google+ posts will become more important as time goes on.

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4 Important Points to Think About Before Getting a Website

by Tim Read on Jan.17, 2014, under Blogging, Business, Design

Sometimes I find that when a customer approaches me about building them a website, they don’t always know why they want one or what they really need one for. We often don’t take the time to think about ‘why’ and rather just panic over the idea that we ‘should’. So here are a few points for you to think about before even approaching a web design company or attempting building a website yourself.

1. Why get a website?

First of all you should ask yourself why you want a website. What do you want it to do for you? It’s important to know why. For example; you are a photographer, you have a lot of photos and you want somewhere to display your work online, for others to see and give you feedback.

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How can Facebook help your Business?

by Tim Read on Dec.02, 2013, under Business, Marketing

Often the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word ‘Facebook’, is millions of people with nothing better to do than share what they had for breakfast that morning. What possible use can that be for my business or any business for that matter? Well, already in that first sentence is half the answer. More than half a billion people use Facebook every day and with over 1 and a half billion users in total, that’s an incredibly large number of potential clients. By creating a Facebook page not only will you have access to this huge number of possible clientele but it also gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers and the ability to generate trust.

How can Facebook generate trust in my Business?

When people are faced with two companies who both offer the same service, they are 90% more likely to use the company they know a friend or family member recommends or ‘Likes’ than one that is ‘unknown’. By encouraging your current clients, previous clients and friends and family to like your page you are increasing your business’s chance of not only reaching new people but also getting them to use your company.

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Shift happens – are you prepared for when it hits the fan?

by Tim Read on Nov.07, 2013, under Marketing, SEO

There was a time when merely optimising a website was sufficient to drive targeted traffic in numbers. SEO works in so much it drives traffic to a website; that much is common knowledge in SEO circles. However, as in life shift happens, and in SEO that shift means Google algorithm tweaking, social media engagement and quality content are now buzzwords. If you don’t deal with the shift, it’s going to get really messy when it all hits the fan.

Social media marketingFaced with rubbish you turn your nose up

If you’re unlucky enough to end up sitting close to the garbage can, you’ll probably turn your nose up at the smell emanating towards your nostrils. The same can be said of visitors when they arrive at a website and are confronted with garbage content. They will turn their nose up and click away to another destination. In effect, they’re getting out of smelling range (metaphorically speaking of course) and off to find somewhere where the air is a little cleaner.

Is your website a rubbish bin?

If your website content stinks, that is to say it is poorly laid out, contains typos and grammatical errors complete with images that do not do the products and/or services justice, it will turn visitors away. The web is now in the mainstream; every website is the shop window of the business it is linked to and faces onto an expectant consumer audience.

Social media

However, it isn’t just the content which greets visitors that has the potential to let your online business down. If you are not engaging the power of social media, you are missing out big time. Engaging consumers and potential customers via the power of social media is a real time, intensely targeted marketing strategy. It is akin to someone, before the web caught on, sitting reading an article in a magazine, then passing it over to someone with the comment “you might be interested in this.” (continue reading…)

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